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11-17-10 Freeport-McMoRan Declines Clarkdale Sustainability Park Proposal

Based on a letter to Clarkdale's Mayor Doug Von Gausig from Joseph A. Brunner, Director, Discontinued Operations for Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold(Freeport) dated November 15, 2010, Freeport "respectfully declines" the Town of Clarkdale's January 2010 proposal regarding the 977 acre parcel of land commonly known as Verde Valley Ranch.

This land was one of three contiguous sites contemplated as potential sites for the planned Clarkdale Sustainability Park. In addition, Brunner continues, "Freeport has had informal discussions with the U. S. Department of Interior and others who have suggested that an appropriate future use of this parcel is for public/recreational/habitat purposes, consistent with the characteristics of the Tuzigoot National Monument and the adjacent Tavasci Marsh."

"While the Town is disappointed that Freeport declined our offer, we believe their decision allows our investigation of all remaining options to continue with more clarity, which is in keeping with our commitment to allow this project to continually evolve. Clarkdale remains committed to its vision as an evolutionary solution for a sustainable community and is creating an array of options for further research and consideration," said Town Manager Gayle Mabery.

Mayor Doug Von Gausig added, "The Town of Clarkdale has always considered the Sustainability Park as an attractive alternative to the type of development anticipated under the approved Verde Valley Ranch development agreement around the Peck's Lake site. It is our hope that Freeport will pursue options on that property that will ultimately result in the remediation of Peck's Lake and public ownership and access to the property. With Freeport's decline of our proposal, Clarkdale will move forward with renewed vigor to explore alternatives at other sites."

Should you have questions or suggestions, please contact Jodie Filardo, the Clarkdale Sustainability Park Project Manager at (928) 639-2542 or

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The core concept of the Clarkdale Sustainability Park: To produce energy, water and economic vitality with as little environmental impact as is possible today.

Our Vision: To be an Evolutionary Solution for a Sustainable Community

Our Mission: To provide an Entrepreneurial Environment rich in Innovative, Multi-Disciplinary Solutions and Educational and Economic Opportunities, resulting in a Vibrant and Viable Future

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